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Why I do What I do

Porter Adventist Hospital Community Program

At just the age of 13 Paige’s Aunt Roxanne was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. It was this diagnosis that started a fire in Paige to help others and ultimately become the compassionate person she is today. Read more about the story below, and the foundation that started it all. 

"8TH Grader Raises Money for Porter Cancer Care Center"

It started with a diagnosis. A year ago Paige learned that her aunt Roxanne needed to begin immediate breast cancer treatment. Until that time Paige was a pretty normal 13-year-old. She loved sports, painting her nails, and mall trips. That changed quickly when she learned about her aunt’s diagnosis.

Paige thought up a plan to raise money for Roxanne and other cancer patients like her. She made colorful rainbow bracelets and sold them at her school for $1 each. Her mom who owns a nail salon, also agreed to sell Paige’s bracelets to her clients. Her school chipped in as well and allowed her to post flyers throughout the halls and stream a video about her campaign during lunch.

And it paid off. Over 500 bracelets were sold bringing Paige’s total raised to $516. She also received a matching gift from a generous Porter Cancer Center supporter bringing her total to $1,032.

Her Aunt is now in remission and grateful for the support Paige has shown her and other cancer fighters and survivors.
Roxanne is in a better, happier more thankful plce than she was before starting the process. “I think I’m keeping the short hair.”
she said running her hand through her inch-long locks, “it looks good on me.”

Paige also changed her outlook on life. Before starting the project she wanted to be a professional chef. Now she wants to be a
pediartic oncology surgeon, “it’s become my passion.” Paige said when talking about why she changed her future career dreams.

This family has been transformed through the power of giving, and one temacious daughter. Sories like Paige and Roxanne’s
remind us that everyone is going through a journey and the way we respond to it can truly make all the difference.

We’re fortunate at Porter Adventist Hospital to have a strong giving program and families that care about their community.